Design Ideas

Every painting is different. Every structure has its unique reason for existing. Heres some ideas of how a commission would go:

  • Start with a discussion of what you are looking for. size, subject and price.
  • Discuss the type of canvas whether you want to frame in the future or you want the canvas edges to be painted not needing a frame
  • Offer a timeline of when project can be completed
  • Review pricing and options available for pricing
  • Create a few thumbnail sketches discussing colors and moods
  • Discuss if this is a project is something done in secret and shouldn't be shared on social media while it is being created
  • Begin the painting process 
  • Create project plan based on goals and objectives that includes milestones and contingencies
  • Contact you with updates and when project is complete

Korianna KisielPrice © 2013

Envision your painting that will be passed down from generation to generation

I love the opportunity to get people thinking about art as an integral part of the human experience. It is an honor to present a client with their vision and mine as a commission piece that can be cherished. Whether its an anniversary present, or honoring a loved one or favorite pet. I have had the honor of painting muscle cars, portraits on multiple surfaces from canvas to wood.

My paintings have been collected all over the world. From Korea, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas.

Currently I am working with an Art Collective in Walnut Grove, CA. This little town has a magic that parallels universes. The feeling of the past is alive in this small river town.  

My art is hidden in this sleepy town called Knots and Cleats, an art collective, that has a modern feel.